Our Constitution

The name of the group shall be The Bolton Wholefood Co-operative


The objectives of the Bolton Wholefood Co-operative are to:

      • Promote healthy living through diet
      • To make organic and wholefoods more accessible and cheaper by buying in bulk
      • Promote co-operative values and environmental issues.
      • Support Fairtrade and ethically produced products.


To perform any such lawful duties that are necessary to the attainment of the above objectives.


This will consist of persons living in Bolton who are interested in promoting the objectives of the Group.


The group will have the following Officers:

Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.

Activities and events will be organised by the committee.


The committee will comprise no less than three officers and shall be re-elected every year.

The quorum necessary to transact business shall be at least three members present.

Financial accounts will be prepared annually and presented at the AGM.

A bank account will be opened and will be operated by no less than two officers of the group.


An AGM will be held once every calendar year.

The committee will give at least three weeks notice to members stating the time, the place and the business to be transacted. Such notice will be given in writing to individual members. The Chair, (or in his/her absence, the Secretary) shall conduct the AGM. The quorum necessary to transact business needs to be not less than five members present at the AGM, three Committee and two others.


The committee will be elected by voting at the AGM. Nominations of candidates may be made in writing to the chair, or given verbally at the AGM. Each member present shall have one vote, and questions arising at the general meetings shall be decided by a simple majority of the votes cast. The Chair’s declaration as to the result of voting and her/his decision of procedure shall be final.


Alteration of the constitution can only be agreed at an AGM, or an Extraordinary General Meeting, which may be convened at the written request of a minimum of three members.


On dissolution of the group, any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been discharged will not be distributed among the members but will be handed to a voluntary organisation with similar aims and objectives, to be administered in a manner which is exclusively charitable at law.

This constitution was adopted as the constitution of the Bolton Wholefood Co-operative at a public meeting on 30 April 2005.  It was amended at the Annual General Meeting on 23rd February 2013.