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If you would like to join the Bolton Wholefood Cooperative simply complete and submit the form below and we will contact you very shortly. To contact us simply go to the “Contact Us” page!

The joining fee is just £1 and is payable with your first order.

Membership Application

I wish to become a member of the Bolton Wholefood Cooperative. I agree that I will abide by its Constitution and uphold the mutual principles of the cooperative movement. I agree to play an active role in the running of the cooperative, to place at least one order and participate in the activities of the cooperative at least once per year.

Your membership will become active when you place your first order and pay your £1 lifetime membership subscription. For details of our order gatherings and meetings please see

Under the provisions of the UK Data Protection Act any officer of the group may keep a record of your name, address, phone number etc., but this information will not be passed to any other person or organisation without your express consent. We ALSO hate receiving unsolicited junk emails!